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Monday, November 29th, 2004
2:47 pm - Hiatus

Why hiatus? Because I said so.

Serious, last week of class, next week is finals... I'm going to be so busy getting everything done, not to mention going home to a crappy computer where updates is going to be near impossible. I'll start up again in January. I really should not have rushed getting it started before the holiday season. Should've know it would never happen. Can't say when the next issue will be released, but definitely in 2005.

current mood: busy

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Sunday, November 14th, 2004
8:54 pm - N.M.A. Issue 2
nma_cadet Signs that your leader is lazy...
1. Waits to the last minute to post new issue.
2. Changes method after 1 issue.
3. Eats only a pizza crust all day long.
4. Doesn't get a single thing accomplished on the weekend.
5. Doesn't even change out of pajamas.
6. Needs to take a shower... badly.

Sometimes I wonder why do I even work for her.

Issue 2Collapse )

Peace out,

current mood: lazy

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Friday, November 12th, 2004
4:42 pm - N.M.A. website just about complete
nma_cadet Hi, I'm the one MP calls Mole. I'm the computer expert of the group. In case you were wondering, I was named Mole due to my innate ability to dig into any security system. If it were up to me, I would've chosen a better name.

With that introduction aside, I'd like to let you know that the N.M.A. website is about 85% complete. All that remains to be completed is the Gallery and the Link section. Since MP doesn't have many drawings, the Gallery will remain underconstruction. The Link section is empty. MP needs to find good sites to link to, mainly other webcomics. The link hunting process will be rather slow.

So for now, although the site isn't "officially" open you may visit.
N.M.A. Website

As far as the MPP website goes... well since MP has decided to give N.M.A. it's own site, the MPP site has been put on hiatus. It will mostly likely open sometime in 2005 once N.M.A. is settled in.

In case you didn't know already, N.M.A. has changed styles. It will no longer be drawn traditionally, but digitally. Changes will be noticeable starting with the next issue, which will be out this Sunday.

That is all I have to report.

current mood: productive

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Sunday, November 7th, 2004
11:24 am - N.M.A. : Prologue : Issue 001
nma_cadet Hello everyone. I am the new intern here at N.M.A. and I have been assigned to keeping records of the events here at N.M.A. Considering I've only been here a short while, please allow me time to adjust. I suppose I should start from the very beginning, my first day here at N.M.A.

My first impression of these people? A bunch of pricks. Still, I had to go on.

current mood: annoyed

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Saturday, November 6th, 2004
3:09 pm - CHA-CHING
nma_cadet A shoutout to all of my peeps out there! MP finally has upgraded the institution into the 90s, let's see if she can ever catch up to 21th century.

Most of you don't know who I am or even who my colleagues are. My name is Jun and I'm the in charge of the new cadets here at NMA, which includes Phil and Mole. While I'm sure you'll meet Mole, Phil unfortunately is too concerned with chasing after women than to post here. Then again it's probably better that way.

As far as what NMA stands for... well... that's a secret. Can't be spilling secrets can we? Besides if I did MP would probably kick my ass. Who's MP you say? Well she's in charge of NMA, a self-proclaimed goddess. I think she posted a bit before. Anyway now that she has the communtiy and our account set up, she's leaving it up to us to manage. Good riddance I say. Though she did tell me that a new intern will be arriving shortly and will document the events that occur at NMA. I wonder how long she will last. The last two didn't last very long. One went comatose after only a week and I hear he is still comatose. The other joined some cult in upstate New York, apparently waiting for the return of the aliens that left us here. And that was only after one day here! I wonder what this new intern will do.

I'm sure you're wondering why I say "new cadets". Well, yes there are more of us. MP sent them out into the world for God only knows what. However, I cannot disclose their locations. Just know that they're scattered around the world waiting for the calling, whatever that is.

Peace out,

current mood: chipper

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2:51 pm - Messing around with LJ

Trying to get LJ set up for NMA comic release. I think I'm going to stick with this layout. May change later, who knows. Also made a NMA animation LJ picture for the communtiy to make it purdy. Now off to create another LJ account so I can post as Newbie. Hopefully it won't be TOO difficult.

current mood: optimistic

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Friday, November 5th, 2004
5:02 pm - Wheeee

Working out the technical details of the MPP site, fixing broken links, yada yada yada. Also made LJ community for MPP, as opposed to a LJ. Why? Because eventually I want to have a team working together on MPP projects. I feel so pretty in pink. (Don't ask.) I have the first issue of NMA scheduled to be released Sunday. The website may not be up, but it will at least be posted here. So that's being somewhat productive, right? Expect me to be posting issues roleplaying as Newbie... just cause.

current mood: accomplished

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